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Welcome to Sonar Fates- the portfolio of Dean Falsify Cook

"Dean Falsify Cook's work addresses themes of the mystic and robotic through digital means. His illustrations have a particularly industrial aesthetic, bringing to mind video game concept art in all its fantastical precision. Cook's work often contains underlying narratives of technological theory and myth, lending a sense of mystery and voice to the work. Cook is masterful with his usage of the digital form."

− Juxtapoz Magazine

"Dean has an exciting imagination and an artistic style to match. So often the world seems suffocated by derivative grey sludge, but Dean's artwork sparkles with originality and wit. It's been a delight to work with such a vibrant young artist. Dean is a turbo-charged, raw talent to watch out for!"

− Atomic Antelope

"I am the author of CLIFTON FALLS & BEDBUGS. I asked Dean to design cover arts for both my novels because he not only takes pride in what he does, but also takes his time in order to get it right and to what is required by me. Dean is very helpful, polite and has a great mind for design work. You will be pleased by what he can offer you"

− L.A.Taylor

"Sonar Fates' ingenuity and professionalism is at a consistent high standard. His artwork across the board is diverse and captivating, which clearly leads to fantastic and provoking work"

− Escaping Vendetta

"Sometimes as a record label owner I feel Dean Falsify Cook is my best hidden weapon. When it comes down to design or a new concept, Dean can handle it and take things to the next level with original designs that are a true inspiration- clean and cutting edge"

− Kano- Displaced Paranormals / Sinuous / inception:audio / Cyclone Recordings
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